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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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january 22nd theft that prompted all this was caught quickly: allen tested positive for fentanyl and that incident-- which raises the suspicion that he may have swapped syringes before. while the odds are low for any given patient to have an issue- that's why swedish is telling patients they should get tested. swedish medical center is owned by . >> while the odd are low for any given patient to have an issue, they are telling tested. swedish medical interest owned by rose medical. a similar incident there affected 18 people with hepatitis in 2009 leading the state to require surgical techs get a license. a 58-year-old man gets a third drunk driving conviction, this time killing a man walking
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jed robert mcgee was sentence -- yesterday robert mcgee was sentenced to community service. john gilmore was walking home from work when he was hit by a car. robert mcgee was driving drunk when he killed the man described as the backbone of his family. wednesday afternoon mcgee was sentenced to community corrections which means six months in a treatment center. >> i don't believe that six months in a residential facility given his attitude, given his history, is justice. >> and it's an unfair sentencing to the family until we also. >> mcgee's attorney says he is now remorseful and turned his life around in honor of the victim, john gilmore. she says he is working with a local high school to show students the consequences of driving drunk. we started the week with snow and that is the way we'll finish it. snow is already falling in the
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the metro won't see too much, just a few evening flurries. meteorologist kathy sabine will join us in a bit with a timeline of this storm. the ramp from eastbound c- 470 to southbound i-25 is closed now and could last several more hours. state patrol in castle rock say there is a 135-foot piece of debris. no injuries were reported and no structural damage to the bridge. the detour is northbound i-25 on dry creek road and a turnaround back to southbound i- 25. drivers who take i-70 may want to find another way to get home tonight. two center lanes are closed westbound i-70 at washington street to repair a damaged expansion joint. cdot says repairs could last into the commute. alternate routes are suggested. at the capitol today the house come teach discussed a bill that would change if and how sellers residential
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about marijuana grow house operations. the bill was killed by its sponsor because she wants more time to rework it. she argues those purchasing properties have the right to know if the home or condo was used beforehand as a marijuana grow facility for more than six plants. that's because she says there's a possibility some of the pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers used to grow the marijuana plants inside the home could leave behind residue similar to methamphetamine. she's hoping to broaden the bill a bit to include other ways to protect property buyers and potential owners from potentially harmful chemicals related to grow houses. three days after hillary clinton edged out a win over bernie sanders in the iowa democratic caucuses the two candidates debate each other in new hampshire tonight coming ahead of the state's primary next week. the two both spoke last night at a town hall taking aims at each other about progressive leadership. the debate airs tonight on
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the man who liked the price of a life saving drug by hundreds of dollars was silent on capitol hill today. lawmakers summoned mark shkreli to ask him questions about his decision to raise the price of the drug. the interim ceo said any future modest. after the interview today shkreli tweeted hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. he faces separate charges of security fraud in connection with another drug company he owned. a pregnant woman in spain is known to be infected by the zika virus after traveling to colombia in her second trilemmas are of pregnancy. international health authorities are trying to determine if the mosquito borne illness is linked to birth defects in brazil. authorities in the u.s. and
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are working together on a vaccine, but it could take some time. at least 26 countries in the americas have a zika outbreak. florida reported 12 cases yesterday. doctors at the burn clinic of university of colorado hospital says they're seeing a lot more people with frostbite, nearly two dozen cases this winter alone. in the past 48 hours the hospital admitted three patients suffering from extreme frostbite it. can set in within minutes to exposure to temps at or below freezing. doctors say it's crucial to keep your fingers, toes, nose and ears covered when spending time outdoors in the cold because those are the areas most susceptible to frostbite. one broncos player is known for a lot of things having what was an interesting and very positive exchange with tom brady after the patriots game giving his grandma a car and for his mom cheering against him and rooting for the raiders. >> the good news for cj anderson is that he gets to
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9news sports anchor rod mackey afternoon. hey, rod. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah. this is an awesome experience right now. we're in one of cj's room here with his mom and his grandmother and brother, pop, his girl friend, the whole anderson household. this is a special room. look at the young cj's face. this has got to be a tremendous experience for you. >> yes, it is, very exciting. >> reporter: what's been the greatest part? i can't believe how much -- cj told me you saved a lot of stuff, but he wasn't kidding. you guys saved everything, didn't you? >> every. well, we don't have a lot of his youth football stuff, but from high school on we have it. >> reporter: you said the most special stuff was on the wall we got some shots of his high school stuff. so he was 17 in high school. >> no. 17, running quarterback. >> reporter: when did you know that cj might be a little better than the guys around him?
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that's when i noticed that he could be something special. >> reporter: and it just kept on going. the funny thing is he just talks about how much you mean to him before every game. he gives us the hi mom. did he tell you he does that every time? >> yes. he tells me. >> reporter: he wouldn't play until he does it. he finds our photographer brian olson. he says i won't go on the field until i do the hi mom. when did that start? >> i don't know. we were watching the nfl replay and then we saw it. that's when he told me he started doing it. i can't remember what game. >> reporter: in this room here what is the most special? what are you most proud of? >> the athlete of the year. >> reporter: for the high school stuff. we'll get grandma in as well. come on, grandma, no hiding, no hiding. he loves talking about you because as we know, cj is more than just about football, isn't he? he likes to bowl. he said he got that from you. >> yes.
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in bowling or can you beat him? >> now he can beat me in bowling, but 20 years ago i would have given him a run for his money? >> reporter: not anymore with, that though? >> no. i'll let him win. >> reporter: how cool is this for you, you guys have super bowl tickets and less than watch no. world? >> i'm so excited i can't wait. i'm not trying to rush the days because when you do, i get older. i can't wait to see my baby run. >> reporter: how about you? >> it's exciting because the first time he went to the super bowl, he went didn't play. so now this is a really big deal for us, but we're trying to remain really calm. >> reporter: i was going to ask you about that you think you have butterflies? >> i will sunday morning. >> reporter: when did the butterflies start for you? >> last saturday. when they won the playoff game. i was so excited. i can't wait and i'm so happy for him, you know, and she's right.
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>> reporter: how proud of you guys of cj, not just of what he's accomplished on the field but everything he's done? he's one of the favorites in denver. everyone loves him. he's helped them get to the super bowl. >> i think what it is with me is that for him to come from a small town and then he was up drafted and then -- undrafted and then decide to go to denver. it was like his fan base blew up. it's really unreal to us because didn't nobody really see cj from denver play at cal- berkeley. so it's just so unreal. i don't think i would ever get used to it. >> reporter: he really has played with a clip on his shoulder because people didn't believe in him. he's always proved them wrong. >> only we did and we knew it from the beginning. of course, i didn't realize he was really serious about being an nfl player when he was 5, but that just shows you his determination and i'm proud of the fact that he had a goal and
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going to be better than what he is today. so he's one of my babies. he's a wonderful person and that's what makes him cj. >> reporter: you guys, root hard for him in that super bowl. he's going to bring you to the super bowl and all that confetti. >> i'll see him in denver waving my hands. >> reporter: and throwing some candy. we'll take the full tour tonight on our broncos special. this is just one room, guys. you have no idea. there's the super bowl jersey here, his pro bowl jersey, his college jersey. it's awesome to see. what a great experience. congratulations to you, two. >> thank you. >> back to you. >> rod, thank you. nothing like this hi mom and grandma and i want grandma front and center in that parade if they win. grandma deserves to be front
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thank you, rod. how neat. >> cj is awesome and now you know, why because the family he comes from. >> yes. and they believed in him all along. the road to the super bowl includes two california cities, levi's stadium in santa clara and san francisco where many of the fans and all the celebrations have been happening. cheryl preheim is driving on up. she's been in santa clara. she's driving up to meet up and lange out with her best bud matt renoux because together they're a dynamic duo. >> absolutely. they're both joining us this afternoon. guys, it's great to see you together on one camera. >> reporter: it took a lot of work to make it happen, though. i've been dying to get to san francisco all week long. this is where the action is. >> reporter: it just seems unfair. cheryl has been in santa clara which will be the big show on sunday, but all the big presuper bowl activities are in san francisco.
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separated and separating us this long is sort of like keeping sonny and cher apart. >> jekyll and hyde. >> that makes me the monster. >> and me the psychotic doctor? the trolley car is moving. we got to give you a look here. this is what you do when you're in san francisco, right? and it is such a different scene than what's happening in santa clara. the broncos team hotel in santa clara, quiet, focused, business. at our hotel down the street always a front row parking lonely. fans. chairs empty. our santa clara version of the cardboard. so we hit the road to san francisco, a very different super bowl experience. fan experience, and when matt
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interactive game, he's at his hotel grand central and it's close to pier 39, beautiful. when you think it couldn't get any better, a broncos bus swings by to drop off the cheerleaders and miles, 34 miles apart, totally different super bowl worlds. it's so different. so think of it like. this santa clara is like castle rock and san francisco is like coors field. >> reporter: coors field with an extra million people in it right now. this trolley car, cable car, that we're on hopefully will be taking to us pier 39. we were on one line. then it ended right before the live shot they kicked us off. so we just jumped on some other cable cars so that we could actually be on one. i don't know where we're going right now. >> reporter: it's going to be a great adventure. here's what we'll do. we'll try our best not to get lost and through the rest of the show check in on us and we
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water, before the slow's over. >> i know, cheryl, but since you're a woman you will stop and ask for directions, but matt might not. >> reporter: i will not ask for directions. i got lost earlier actually. i decided this morning that i would walk all the way to two miles to the golden gate bridge and i got so turned around. it took me hours to get there. i didn't stop once and ask for help and i eventually got there. >> reporter: i have a paper mask. >> cheryl -- paper map. >> cheryl is smarter than that. we can't wait to see where you guys land. it will be great. we're glad you're together. >> reporter: okay. >> they're the best. >> i know. coming up you still have time to get one of these broncos magnets before sunday. as we head to break, we'll
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the founder and leader of the legendary r and b group earth, wind and fire maurice white has passed away. he was 74. his brother was also a bassist
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he died at his home in los angeles yesterday. in 2000 white disclosed to rolling stone that he had parkinson's disease when he was then 58 and had been diagnosed with the disease eight years before but had opted to keep it secret. >> tough. we've lost a lot of good ones in music this year. >> lends. the music just -- legends. the music just makes you think of red rocks. to get you ready for the super bowl on sunday, our broncos magnet mania continues. >> yes. right in the center of it her own little mania, 9news reporter danielle grant at the king soopers at west belleview avenue and south kipling street. hey, danielle. >> reporter: it has been so much fun. we are getting ramped up here at king soopers ready to give away 1,000 of these fantastic broncos country magnets. folks have waited in line for hours and i mean hours. come meet joyce. joyce, what time did you show up here at king soopers? >> 11:00.
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have you done for five hours? >> just waiting and waiting for the broncos, yes. >> reporter: making friends, doing some cheers. >> making friends, doing some cheers, you got that. go broncos! look at. this just a couple more down the line we have little cassandra. >> almost 11 weeks. >> reporter: she is decked out in her broncos gear and even tutu. we're looking at maybe an orange one sunday? >> she's wearing blue and orange with a blue and orange tutu. >> reporter: what a doll. probably the youngest fan we have here. we're getting ramped up, right? [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: can i get a go broncos? these guys have been waiting long, hours and hours. first we've got to talk about that weather, though. it was easy getting down here, but the drive out of here might be a little bit more tricky as we are tracking a little bit of wet weather pushing in. i'll take a look at some of
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you can see around town we've been sitting mainly in the low this afternoon. up to the high country it's been a day in the single digits and teens if they're lucky. the wind gusts have also been the foothills. been tracking wind gusts in the teens, 20 mile-per-hour range and up and down the i-25 corridor, too. on hd doppler 9 we're starting to look at this next storm system move in. right now a couple light little snow showers pushing into the high country. we're waiting to see if some of those push into denver and i late tonight. you'll zoom out and see the the northwest. it's just going to kind of be a glancing blow for us when you compare it to what we all dealt with earlier this week. our futurecast just showing those clouds pouring in across the i-25 corridor this afternoon and through this evening. i think it will take some time before some of those snow the metro area. i'm thinking about midnight areas like castle rock, parker could be looking at a couple
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we'll have a few more bands push through about 6 a.m. tomorrow. those will really favor the southern areas just to the south of the metro area. by 10:00 tomorrow morning this weak little storm system moves out and we will be back in business with some sunshine. your evening forecasts, 30s this evening, mostly cloudy skies out there, though. and again we might have just a couple little flurries. in my headlines you can see the sunshine is back for you on orange friday and then we're going to be looking at that spring sizzle coming in pretty shortly. that's going to be for next week. next week, you guys, we'll be talking about a huge warm-up, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, but today it's all about the magnets, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. are you guys ready? are you ready, joyce? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: i think joyce needs her magnet, ladies. it's about time. so we're just going to be waiting for all these awesome folks to be coming on through. again, the line wraps around and around the store, you guys.
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days everyone is counting down the hours, the days, the minutes until we get to super bowl l. >> i love it. >> i'm always floored by the people like joyce who have been magnet. that's pretty cool. that's pride. >> look. they're all decked out in their scarves and sweaters and beanies. >> reporter: we're ready to play. >> go broncos, that's right. everybody is wearing the right color. thank you, danielle. great. [ cheering and applause ] >> danielle puts on a show. >> i know. if you missed your chance to get a magnet today, we have more locations planned for tomorrow morning and this weekend. tomorrow afternoon we'll be in aurora, edgewater and lakewood. we have exact addresses of all the king soopers storms posted on check -- stores posted on check it out. some students in colorado got a lesson today that was
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>> next their klatt with nasa command -- chat with nasa
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don cheadles, actor, the display shines a light on african american stars who got their start in denver. they all graduated from public high schools here from actress pam greer to charlie burl to a dejay who worked with the likes of beyonce and some visitors are very surprised by one classic celebrity on the list. >> we've had many people come and say i had no idea that hattie mcdaniels went to east high school. that was amazing. when did that happen? so we kind of put a picture up there and put her main significant activities so that people could just get a snapshot. >> a dozen stars are featured in the permanent exhibit.
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earth, wind and of fire and five time grammy winning jazz singer dianne reeves. you can see it free at the blair caldwell library. that library is a treasure trove of african american history in colorado. it's rich with stories and we're sharing some with you during black history month. you can look for those special stories with a local focus starting tomorrow and every friday at 4:00. if you want to see more of the stars featured in that display, we've got a virtual tour of the black history month page on our website for about 20 minutes today colorado students got the chance to go to space, well, to talk to space. students from 10 schools gathered in grand junction today for a 20 minute conversation with nasa astronaut scott kelly. kelly is living aboard the international space station as part of the year in space mission. he answered questions from elementary and middle school students through a satellite uplink at colorado university. they asked him questions about his daily schedule and what
4:24 pm
and much more. >> how does it feel -- an astronaut and much more. >> how does it feel floating 24/7? >> sometimes do you just want to put your feet down and walk? >> it's fun, but it makes a lot of the things we do more complicated and harder. over time the more you're here you definitely get better at it and you can move around very easily with your feet and it's almost in a lot of ways like, you know, i can kind of walk around the space station, but i definitely miss a lot of things that gravity provides for us. >> he is just awesome. commander kelly and a cushion cosmonaut will wrap up their year in space mission soon. they return to earth in march. that's wonderful he took the time to talk to the kids and show off what he does every day. >> as our director bob pointed out, he has a great instagram page, awesome stuff, mind
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>> and inspiring the next generation, i'm sure. we'll get a little snow before the weekend. >> danielle is back with what's
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hello from san francisco. cheryl preheim, matt renoux, we're on a cable car they've been running since 1873. >> reporter: it feels like we've been on this one since then. we're trying to get to pier 39 right now going down one of the many steep hills here in san francisco known for them. it's also known a lot for pier 39. if you're going to be coming out to san francisco, you got to check out pier 39 because from there you can see the golden gate, alcatraz and the down there.
4:27 pm
sea lion impression now, ork, ork. i'm freaking people out. >> reporter: one thing we really noticed in the city are a lot of bronco fans arriving. we saw a gentleman in a peyton manning jersey on the cable car going up the hill a few minutes ago and a huge group of them were at the pier a little earlier and then a bus drives up miles and the cheerleading getting off the bus. >> reporter: i like that part with the cheerleaders also down at the pier today and we'll have this story later at 6:00. we all know sea lions pick bronco games in den, but we had a sea otter out here pick the winner. i want to give you a look at our cable car and all the friends riding with us. >> reporter: i think they love to happen to be on 9news in denver. >> reporter: nothing better than being live with cheryl and kim and jonathan hauling out of
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>> reporter: yeah, linda. >> reporter: and linda. >> reporter: our producer linda. >> reporter: who also paid our fare three times now on the cable cars. >> reporter: yes. i got all excited, kim. i called it a trolley. it's a cable car. >> guys, you got to make sure to get the sourdough bread at pier 39 and eating it in a bread bowl, solid. >> why do you got to say this? i'm so hungry already. >> reporter: now i got to wait. >> reporter: isn't that nice? >> reporter: ork, ork. get the bucket out of the way. have fun. we have a live look at sports authority field at mile high. yes, there's snow because after all, they don't have to clean it up. we don't have a game this weekend because we're in the big game. we are expecting highs in the
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it's not that bad. how long did you have to wait in line? >> oh, about 20 minutes. >> reporter: you guys got your magnets and who is going to win on sunday? >> the broncos, of course. >> reporter: of course. we love to hear that. yes. getting pumped up. we've had some pretty nice weather. i'm glad all the folks get to wait in line here in the store. you still have time. we still have magnets. come on out. so far we've had mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. many of our live cameras slow casing that for you across the urban corridor. on hd doppler 9 still keeping my eyes on this next weak storm system set to dip into colorado overnight into tomorrow morning. we'll zoom things in and see across the denver metro area we're just starting to see a little bit of moisture trying to trickle in, but i think it will take some time. it will take a couple hours before it truly pushes in here to the metro. you can see our wide shot of
4:30 pm
system out there across the eastern seaboard finally moving out to sea. back here a storm system is north. it will graze across colorado behind it. that will bring us a sunnier tomorrow. here across colorado on our futurecast you can see the clouds continuing throughout the rest of this evening. 11 p.m. tonight and we have a good shot in douglas, elbert counties, down along the palmer divide for seeing a little snow. overnight we'll see a couple weak bands push in. by 5 a.m. tomorrow, 6 a.m., that early morning drive you plight have to deal with a little light -- might have to deal with a little light snow, could be slick in spots. might want to take a couple extra minutes. back here 5:00 tomorrow evening things will clear out quite a bit. we'll have a good dose of sunshine for the late afternoon. how much snowfall will we see? this storm system looks good, put the bull's eye in the
4:31 pm
state, 1 to 4 inches around here. the foothills about 1 inch or so, same with our southern suburbs, out there, castle rock, parker, kiowa and down toward the palmer divide, even the eastern plains might see a little bit. here in the metro area i wouldn't count on that much. tonight temperatures dipping down to the teens in town, some 20s across the eastern plains. we stay in the single digits and might just go sub-zero in the mountains tonight. here in town 14 degrees, a couple light snow flurries out there, about an inch or so in the foothills. the winds will be a bit gusty. tomorrow your temperatures just a couple degrees warmer than today. we'll stay in the 30s. i know. it's been such a cold week, but i promise some warmer weather will be on the way. high temperatures reaching the 20s for many foothill locales. by afternoon at least we'll have sunshine and that should be looking good and hopefully feeling a little bit good, too. northern colorado a couple spots hitting 40 degrees. here's the deal. nine-day planning forecast,
4:32 pm
half of the weekend. saturday looks great, mostly sunny skies, upper 40s and another weak little system pushes in on sunday. that one could cool us off, stir up the winds, stay relatively dry and look ahead to next week, wow. all eyeballs on the middle part of the workweek and we're going to see those temperatures close to 50 and 60 degrees. super bowl sunday, it is almost here. we are getting pumped up and, of course, our temperatures, well, next week finally are going to be feeling a little more like what they'll be playing with out there in california with those numbers back into the 70s, wow. here we go, guys. the lines just keep on coming through. they're like all the magnets decked out in orange and blue. you can't come to the littleton -- if you can't come to the littleton store, they have nine other locations going on right here right now. go to be with and you can find
4:33 pm
you can find all of those locations as well. >> reporter: that's right, that's right. >> have fun with that intercom. don't go a little crazy. >> reporter: what is intercom? >> there might be a wet clean- up on aisle 5. >> king soopers newest employee there. not everyone taking the field sunday will be decked out in heavy pads and helmets. >> some of them are just going to crank up the cuteness. we'll feature two of the dogs participating in the national puppy bowl who happen to live
4:34 pm
not only does the super bowl go through denver, the road to the puppy bowl does as well, of course. three puppies from the denver dumb friends league are competing in the animal planet game this weekend. >> very cool. we are joined today by ollie who lives here in colorado. hi. what's the secret? how does the puppy get selected to go? >> it's a whole application process that we work with
4:35 pm
we actually submitted 10 puppies and had three chosen and now we're here with one of the lucky contenders. >> we know at the dumb friends league you guys have great pets like this all the time. >> we do. >> how big of a deal is this for you to call attention to what you do? >> exactly. the puppy bowl has an adoption message throughout everything that it stands for. so we are proud to be part of it and help drive that message home across the nation. >> there's just so many animals out there looking for a home. >> they are. >> you see it every day. you see them get adopted like this one. by the way, this one is not available. >> older puppy bowl puppies are all in loving homes now. they've all been adopted. we do have many others available. if you're looking to adopt your own mvp, puppy, adult dog, cat, whatever it may be, go to our website, call or stop by. >> i think people not even connected to a specific team are all about the puppy bowl. >> it's the cutest thing on tv.
4:36 pm
>> we've got a huge crowd here. >> i think it's all about just being outgoing, being able to score those touchdowns. i can't give away many secrets, but if you want to, you can go online sunday because you can mvp. >> okay -- dogs to be mvp. >> okay. >> it's all decided by online votes, so get in there. >> look right at the camera right there, olliy. we want you -- ollie. we want you to win. you're going to win. i can feel it now and besides, that you're wearing no. 18, right? >> how old is ollie? >> about 5 months old. >> look at that face. >> i know. this what is my girl friend will watch on super bowl she hates football. she loves the puppies. >> it won't interfere. it's from 1:00 to 3:00. you can still watch both games. >> if you ever want to check out great pets, go to the dumb friends league. they can always use your help
4:37 pm
name it. >> all right. >> i think you've got the look of a winner. what do you think? hi. i got the winning kiss. cj blows a kiss to his mom there. we go. we're going to win. adele is over there right now ohing, too. i can tell.
4:38 pm
okay. didn't take them that long. >> no. >> they started at the start of the 4:00 news, right? >> that's true. >> it took a while for cheryl to get from santa clara up to san fran to reunite with matt renoux. >> they've been riding around on the trolley trying to get to the water. we understand, guys, you finally made it. >> reporter: we're very close. three cable cars to be exact.
4:39 pm
we'd get you to the bay and we on never break our promise. >> reporter: there it is right there. >> reporter: there you have it. >> reporter: just in time for the san francisco bay ferry to arrive. we did not have to ride that. >> reporter: no. >> reporter: looking out over the beautiful san francisco bay, it's just a spectacular day out here. you guys had such bad weather in colorado. i do feel horrible. >> reporter: sorry. and alcatraz, of course, in the distance. you know, this is exactly where we found a whole bunch of bronco fans today. it is amazing what a difference 24 hours makes because people obviously got a couple of days off work and a lot of people have now traveled from colorado to the san francisco bay area to get excited about the super bowl and to take in some of the sights between now and kickoff sunday. >> reporter: i'm saying there as a completely objective journalist seriously and i rarely am serious, there are a lot more bronco fans than carolina fans out here.
4:40 pm
as we play. it's almost not quite a home field advantage, but i think there will be a lot of clearing for the broncos sunday. they're all over the place. we've seen them everywhere. >> reporter: a lot of orange in the city by the bay. it's been really great to see. >> you do have a gorgeous day. >> look at that view. >> sunny and beautiful. that's giving us a little taste of the water and feeling like we're almost there. >> matt and cheryl, next we want bread bowls and sea lions. >> reporter: they're right over, jonathan, we were about a minute and a half too late, but they're right over that pier. i don't know if you can hear them. ork, ork. can you hear them? >> yes. you're closer than we thought. >> reporter: jonathan, we also found your bread bowls. we will definitely give it a try for you. >> ups ship it urgent.
4:41 pm
i want one. >> we love it. thank you for giving us a little slice of what it's like out there. keep talking to those broncos fans. on sunday. >> reporter: yes, very loud. thanks for having us. >> get them off their game. thank you to matt and cheryl. >> beautiful out there. speaking of broncos one lifelong fan won the lottery. >> finally. next why this super bowl will
4:42 pm
and she's been a season ticket holder for 45 years and this year she hit the jackpot! she's a broncos fan for life, a season ticket holder 45 years and this year finally she hits the jackpot. >> it's about time. this season we have followed donna stang as she watched her beloved broncos make it all the way to the super bowl from her retirement party when she got that beloved peyton manning signed football to one of the playoff games at authorities authority field and now they realized another dream, winning a ticket to the super bowl from
4:43 pm
>> i got the e-mail from the denver ticket office. i knew it was going to say i'm so sorry, but your number was not drawn, but said it congratulations and i just screamed. i ran around the house screaming and yelling. then i called my son who works late at night. michael, and i called him at 9:00 and he said mom, call me back. call me back and i said no, listen, listen, do you want to go to the super bowl with me and he goes yeah, right. i said i'm serious, i'm serious. so he was over here in about >> funny. >> she has never won the lottery before, but it hasn't stopped her because she's been to six of the eight broncos super bowl appear answers, but shetch says this time it's -- appearances, but she says this time it's extra special. she's gathered up all her broncos paraphernalia stuff. she's got a lot of it. living room. she leaves saturday morning with her son for the big game. >> must be a good omen for the time all the way around.
4:44 pm
>> they've got shoes that seriously you would pay a lot of money for. >> broncos shoes? >> and they're for men. you could see them coming. let me just say. >> i wonder if kyle knows this because i'm sure he'll be wearing it. >> with his orange jacket. >> and adele has her own puppy coat. >> we'll have a fun show tomorrow. you're sharing your recipes as well that you would serve to your favorite denver broncos. >> ladies on the show tomorrow cooking up some good stuff. >> a good chicken parm recipe. it's all good stuff. thanks for joining us and being a part of the snow as we get excited for the bronc -- show as we get excited for the broncos. we've got a lot more tomorrow, getting close. 9news at 5:00 is coming up
4:45 pm
next at 5:00 what we're learning about the former hospital surgical technician accused of possibly putting nearly 3,000 patients at risk of contracting hiv and hepatitis. >> also ahead a warning from local doctors after several recent cases of extreme frostbite. >> and new polling showing what's at stake as hillary clinton and bernie sanders go
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next on 9news.
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